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 Claiming possibilities : Patient Claiming or Bulk Billing

Currently Partical offers your Practice two options for billing using FastClaim - Patient Claims or Bulk Billing.

Patient Claims

If the patient settles his or her account in full at the time of consultation, you will be able to lodge, on their behalf, a Medicare claim electronically directly from your practice. They have two options of how to receive their rebate. Patients can continue to receive their rebate in the traditional way of a posted cheque, or if they supply you with a BSB-Code and Account number, these can be entered into FastClaim and Medicare will reimburse them electronically to their nominated account within a matter of days.

If your patient opts to pay the 'gap' either at the time of the consultation or pays on account, a cheque in favour of the doctor will be sent to the patient for forwarding to the Practice. However, as the claim is processed online and in real-time, the whole process is much faster. The patient normally receives the cheque within fifteen days. In either case, a Statement of Benefit and claim form is generated for the patient, and an electronic copy (which can be recalled and printed at any time) is stored for the Practice.

Bulk Bill Claims

FastClaim turns bulk billing into a simple, painless and fast process. Medicare will no longer have to receive and process hard copies of the claim forms with the patients signature - your digital signature is all that is required. Assignment Advice forms are automatically generated and will be printed for the patient to sign and keep as their record of the transaction. An additional copy can also printed to be held by the Practice for audit purposes for two years.

Each doctor within a Practice will accumulate vouchers that will be collated and batched as a claim, for submission via FastClaim to Medicare for payment. The Practice will receive confirmation that the claim has been received and payment will be made into the nominated bank account within eight days. Payments can also be made by cheque if required, however this does take a little longer.





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