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 How does FastClaim work?

Partical's FastClaim for HIC Online enables medical institutions to take full advantage of the HIC Online billing initiative. Partical has designed the FastClaim online system to electronically link your Medical Instituion with HIC Online to enable fast, accurate and secure processing of your claims.

Available in 2 different models, one an integrated module where Medical Institutions like Hospitals can link their existing internal systems to Fastclaim for a seemless, integrated solution. Fastclaim will recieve your claim information process it on to HIC Online and then return you the claim results.

The 'stand alone application' used in small practices will not require upgrading of your existing Practice Management System (PMS). You won't have to worry about purchasing new hardware, data transfer from your existing system to a new one, or costly and unproductive downtime.Claims are lodge through our Online Web Interface. This is ideal for those practices that do not operate an electronic PMS. All that is required to take advantage of online claiming is a computer connected to the Internet, via Internet Explorer.

For screenshots and a brief walkthrough of the Stand Alone FastClaim, please click here





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